French Terry Inari Crop Top

by Jacey on October 4, 2017

french terry inari crop top-2 Earlier this year I made a cropped Inari tee and it made me seriously interested in making another one in something with a little more stretch and drape. And as surprising as it is to admit, I actually followed through on it.

Mic drop.
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Tencel Denim Hudson Pants

by Jacey on May 27, 2017

Tencel Hudson Pants

Say hello to the newest addition to my closet – my Tencel denim Hudson Pants. My husband thinks they will be great “cottage pants”. I think that means he thinks I won’t be wearing these in public. Too bad I will literally be wearing them everywhere.

Tencel Hudson Pants-7
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French Terry Hudson Pants

by Jacey on May 11, 2017

french terry hudson pants-3

These. Pants. Are. Everything.

I think that about sums up my feelings. These are bamboo french terry Hudson Pants from True Bias and I liveeeeee in these. Especially after work and when I am hanging around the house on the weekends. The french terry is pretty light so they make for a nice pair of summer sweatpants. Because I cannot survive on one pair of sweatpants. Sweatpants for all the seasons.
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My Navy Kelly Anorak Jacket

by Jacey on April 26, 2017

Navy Twill Kelly Anorak Jacket
Oh Canadian spring. Where you leave for work in the morning in four degree weather and return in eighteen. And you have to be prepared for all the shit in between. For me, that means dressing in layers to appease what Gavin refers to as my “narrow acceptable temperature range”. I won’t fight him on this one because it’s true. I’m either freezing or sweating my ass off. And complaining about it either way. There is almost no in-between. Hence – layers.

To help me with the wildly unpredictable spring weather, and said “narrow acceptable temperature range”, I completed my most involved pattern ever. A Kelly Anorak jacket. You guys, I sewed a jacket. A JACKET. And I lived to tell about it. I must have been drunk when I ordered the pattern because I honestly don’t know what I was thinking taking on a project with this many pieces. Whatever liquor-induced high I was living on pushed me to try something that I knew was probably a doable project, but also scared the shit out of me.
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Navy Flannel Archer Button Up

by Jacey on April 17, 2017

grainline archer navy flannel-5

Lest you think all I wear is crop tops and dresses, I present you with something that I would actually wear on an everyday basis. I’m all about the comfort factor. Jeans and some version of a t-shirt is what I liveeeee in people. Most days consist of going to the gym, going to my very casual desk job, errand running, and then heading home. So for everyday life, comfort > high fashion.
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White Quilted Inari Crop Top

by Jacey on March 9, 2017

inari crop top-3I’ve been thinking a lot about fashion and trends since I got heavy into the sewing. In the last five years or so, I have put a lot more of my creative energy into my house and decorating, and less into my clothing. Perhaps as a result, I’m finding it is taking me longer to get on board with fashion trends because I wasn’t paying as much attention to them. I see these looks on other people and often think they look great, but feel like it may just be a look that doesn’t work for me. And there are certainly lots of looks out there that I don’t feel are very “me” or something that doesn’t fit into my life-style. (I’m looking at you ruffle and bell sleeved tops.) But there are others that take me some time to warm up to, and then I end up loving them and questioning why it took me so long to get on board.
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A Floral Moneta Dress

by Jacey on February 26, 2017

I thought I would join the virtual Moneta Dress Party going on on Instagram by sharing this floral Moneta Dress that I made last fall. Not exactly a brand new make, but new to the internet. #sorrynotsorry
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Halifax Hoodie Sweater Dress

by Jacey on January 25, 2017

halifax hoodie dress-9

You guys. I made this. One of the things that I wanted to try this year was to start posting some of the items that I have been sewing. Which requires taking photos. Of myself. Ohhhhhh the torture.

Taking photos is the basically the whole reason I have been putting this off. I’ve been pretty hard into sewing for about a year now. I have been nerding out hard. I follow a ridiculous amount of sewing Instagram accounts and blogs. Like, I’m basically a sewing stalker. Complete creep.
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Christmas is Coming!

by Jacey on December 14, 2016


1. Only 11 days until Christmas. That is truly frightening. I have not bought a single gift. Whoopsy.

2. Secord gifted her bridesmaids these Letterfolk Boards. I could spend hourssssssss changing up what I have on here. And then another couple hours making sure it is perfectly aligned. My new favourite toy.

3. Now that our tree is in, I’ve been spending every waking minute next to it watching Christmas movies. “Love Actually” on repeat. But actually.
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Posts About Nothing – Vol. 37

by Jacey on August 5, 2016


1. I’m going to blow past the whole “I fell off the face of the Earth for 2 months thing”. It’s summmaaaa.

2. Because I am 100 years old, slash I go to the gym in the mornings, I can’t stay up to watch “The Bachelorette” on the night of. Also, who can really handle all those commercials in real time anyways. Spent the whole day Tuesday hiding from the internet and social media so that I wouldn’t have it spoiled for me. Gav said they were even talking about it on sports radio. Nowhere is safe!

3. I don’t know why, but I have never really watched “Bachelor in Paradise”. Watched the first episode on Tuesday night and oh my god. It is the best/worst thing my eyes have ever seen. I know I am killing brain cells watching it, but it is like the car accident you can’t help but ogle.

4. I have Olympic feveerrrrrr. Can’t wait to watch my favourite rugby ladies play tomorrow in the sport of rugby’s Olympic debut. Also cannot wait for all the commercials that will inevitable make me cry.

5. My favourite Olympics ever was the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. Secord was suffering from mono and couldn’t get off the couch and I was suffering from a different kind of disease called deadbeatness, so we spent the most glorious two weeks doing nothing but watching the Olympics. What I wouldn’t give to go back to that. Note to self – plan a mat-leave around a future Olympics.