Posts About Nothing – Vol. 31

by Jacey on December 7, 2015

christmas displays
1. Christmas lights up – check. Christmas tree up – check. Hot chocolate every damn day – double check. Those leftover wedding mallows are blowing my damn mind.

2. I’m looking to get into a vest this winter. Are they coming back into fashion or am I losing my mind. My fashion radar is on the fritzz. Someone haallllp me.

3. So what’s keeping me from jumping into vest territory? Every one I think I might like is either made for a toddler or $400. I can’t spend that kind of money when I am just testing the waters!

4. A couple weeks ago I went on a glorious shopping trip to Rochester with my mother and sisters. Between Trader Joes, Target, and a massive antique mall, we may have picked up a few goodies. I was going to brag about spending the least amount of money, but then I realized that’s like bragging about putting on the least amount of holiday weight. Nobody is really a winner.

5. This is a Public Service Announcement for anyone who may be getting married and changing their last name. They make you take a new photo when you go to the license bureau. I wish I had known this. I wish I had showered. I wish I had washed my face. So many missed opportunities.

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