A Floral Moneta Dress

by Jacey on February 26, 2017

I thought I would join the virtual Moneta Dress Party going on on Instagram by sharing this floral Moneta Dress that I made last fall. Not exactly a brand new make, but new to the internet. #sorrynotsorry

floral monetat dress-4This dress is made with a quilted, floral print fabric that I ordered from Mood. So. Pretty.

I made a few alterations to the Moneta pattern, most notably probably are the cuffs that I added to the sleeves. Though I loved the floral print, I wanted to add a bit of edge to the design and so I added cuffs of the wrong side of the fabric to create a bit of contrast and break up all the floral. I love how it turned out.

floral monetat dress-5

I made a few other minor changes. I altered the neckline of the dress, tracing off a more crew-neck style as I find that to be a bit more flattering on me. I also chopped quite a bit off the length of the dress and added a deep, two inch hem. Since this is fairly conservative up top, I think the shorter length helps to balance that out. I’m more of a leg girl anyways.

I have made the Moneta dress a few times but I think this variation is the one that feels the most like something that I would have bought from a store for myself. Figuring out what you like about ready to wear garments and what makes something an item that you wear over and over again are things that I am really trying to figure out when I am making new items. Nobody wants to put a bunch of effort into something only to not really love it in the end.

floral monetat dressFortunately this ended up a winner and I am looking forward to warmer weather so I can have more opportunities to wear this little number!

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