Buying Rugs and Feeling All Adult-Like

by Jacey on May 18, 2016

overdyed teal rug

So I bought a rug. A real rug. And I love it. I’ve been pining for a rug for a while now. Our living room is basically a really long rectangle, so I thought a rug would help to define the area better. I was correct. Gavin even referred to is as making the room feel more “intimate”. You can’t make that shit up. I know “intimate” is realtor language for small, but when your living room is the length of a basketball court, intimate is a good thing.

I’ve liked the look of the overdyed rugs that are on the market since they started popping up a couple years ago. They are beautiful and they add great colour to a room. So every couple months I would go on a rug bender and start stalking overdyed rugs all over Etsy and design websites. I was hesitant to pull the trigger for a couple reasons.

  1. Rugs are fucking expensive
  2. The commitment. Buying something that expensive scared me. What if I hated it in 6 months. What if my dog barfed on it. What if Gavin barfed on it.
  3. Despite the fact that there are a number of cheaper alternatives for overdyed rugs on the market, I really felt like if I was going to buy a rug, I wanted to buy something of quality. Lately, I’m taking the slow approach to purchasing furniture and items for the house by buying things that are built to last. See number 1.

So what happened? Well a couple things combined to make the perfect storm for my rug purchase: a sale, the generous donations of loved ones at our wedding, and some creative (read: shitty) photo editing.

To try to get over my fear of making a mistake on a purchase, I put my questionable photo-shop skills to work on a couple of the rugs I was looking at. Just how questionable?

This questionable.

blue and teal rug

It’s actually laughable. But it did the job. I got a sense of how it would play with the brown leathers and all the wood tones.

I ended up buying this beauty from ECarpetGalley. I have nothing but good things to say about the process, and no sadly I am not making money or getting free rugs on the side. That would be unreal though. Anyways. They have a shit-ton of rugs, they always have sales, they are a Canadian company, and their shipping is ridiculous fast. Like, arrived the next day fast. Like, dragged a 800 pound, 12 ft Persian rug into my house by myself because I was too impatient to wait for my husband to get home and help me.

We are a couple months into owning this gorgeous creature and I’m still just as happy as they day I dragged it inside. It’s held up to Duke so far, and the Roomba has no problems vacuuming it. #winning.

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