You’re doing it wrong because you probably aren’t doing it at all. And I’m not just talking hanging art in the bathroom. What is it about hanging things that is so daunting you want to throw yourself on the floor and weep. There’s nothing that can make you feel quite so inadequate as dreaming about […]


Cork Board Photo Collage

by Jacey on October 29, 2014

Well, I’ve changed some things up in the house. Who’s surprised. I had bought a large cork board off kijiji (surprise, surprise) from a school that was getting rid of them last winter. I know. I’m addicted to kijiji. I need an intervention. Kijiji addiction aside, for $20 I’m quite happy with it. It holds […]


DIY Quote Garland for the Wall

by Jacey on October 8, 2014

My parents gifted my siblings and I with a Silhouette Cameo machine a couple of years ago for Christmas. It’s basically a high-tech crafty, cutting system. You use their program on your computer to design what you want to cut, and then stick vinyl, paper, fabric etc., onto your little cutting mat and send it […]


Chalk Painted Dresser: Before and After

by Jacey on September 18, 2014

Turns out I’m really good at taking photos of projects while I’m working on them, and really terrible about doing anything after that. I think I painted this dresser in May or something. And now it’s the middle of September. Blame it on the globe trotting. This is the dresser that is now hanging out in my […]

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If you missed it, check out the Bathroom Before and After Phase 1 – Removing the Shower Doors. I had removed the shower doors and was content with a new curtain for a small period of time. I knew my hatred of beige would get the better of me again and it was only a […]


We’re going to call this part Bathroom Makeover, Phase 1. This is what I was working with. Not exactly pretty. I love an 80s style bathroom door as much as the next person….. not at all. I was pretty certain that taking down those doors and putting up a curtain would do wonders for the place. […]


Everything is better mini. Mini photos. Mini cupcakes. Mini is where it’s at. Plus when it’s mini, it means you can eat moreeeee without feeling bad about yourself. Amazing. Like a lot of people, I haven’t printed photos in forever. They just sit on my computer…. dying slowly. So, when I found Print Studio, I […]


Chalkboard Keg Fridge DIY

by Jacey on March 31, 2014

For Gavin’s birthday a couple years ago I made him a keg fridge. Pretty unreal right? Hard to say who was more excited to use it, him or me. I’d only been dreaming of owning one since I started University. Thinking back I’m not sure why I didn’t make one earlier. It’s soooo easy. Think […]

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