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My Favourite Halloween Memories

by Jacey on October 31, 2015

When you think of halloween you probably think of candy, scary movies and dressing up. But what is halloween really about? Competition obviously. Who scared who, who’s wearing the best/worst/sluttiest costume, and who got the most candy. I grew up in the country, so halloween meant my mom packing me and my four brothers and […]


Posts About Nothing – Vol. 29

by Jacey on October 23, 2015

1.Babies. What else is new. 2. The rumours about Will Smith possibly going on tour have me in a tizzy. Will has gotten Hollis and I through many a sleep deprived Thanksgiving and Christmas rushes. Who’s ready to get jiggy with me. 3. Last week at 8 AM I ate a day old eclair that […]

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6 Things I am Thankful for in 2015

by Jacey on October 15, 2015

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone already. Wtf 2015. Where are you going?! What follows is a list of things I am thankful for this year. 1. A body that puts up with me taking moderately good care of it. 2. A husband that takes care of the mice, lets me watch The Bachelor, cheers […]


It’s kind of hard to believe that fall is on its way when every time I go outside I feel like I am running through a bathroom with the shower running . So. Damn. Humid. Though the temperatures and humidity are leading me to believe otherwise, somehow we are well into the month of September. […]

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Posts About Nothing – Vol. 28

by Jacey on August 25, 2015

1. This happened yesterday. Peaches and cream pie. Gavin and I are horrifyingly close to taking down this whole pie down in less than 24 hours. Zero self control up in this house. 2. I’m suddenly realizing how much I talk about food.


Posts About Nothing – Vol. 27

by Jacey on August 6, 2015

1. Organizing seating charts is something I would not wish on my worst enemy. But seriously. This shit will drive you crazy. I keep working on other things and coming back to it and hoping the answer will reveal itself. Kill me meow. 2. You guys. I’m addicted to my soda stream. I was gifted […]


Posts About Nothing – Vol. 26

by Jacey on July 15, 2015

1. In one month I will be marrying this guy. Still. Hasn’t. Hit. Me. 2. I’m officially 100 years old. I miss the days when you called somewhere and you got to speak to a human. It took me 15 minutes to get through to a person on the phone the other day. After listening […]

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Posts About Nothing – Vol. 25

by Jacey on June 1, 2015

1. You guys, I got my Tetanus shot the other day. It hurt like a bitch. And not the actual needle part, that part was fine. What hurt was the resultant bruising I had for 3 days. What’s up with that. 2. A couple weeks ago I ate an entire bag of popcorn on the […]


Posts About Nothing – Vol. 24

by Jacey on May 5, 2015

1. So Gavin and I have become milkshake addicts. We found this place not too far from our house that makes the most delicious milkshakes. When How Sweet Eats posted about a Roasted Strawberry Milkshake a couple weeks ago I was pretty sure it was going to blow my mouth off with how good it […]

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Posts About Nothing – Vol. 23

by Jacey on April 28, 2015

1. Duke has a new friend and it’s the cutest thing ever. Meet Della, our neighbours’ new puppy. She looks like the smallest thing I have ever seen next to Duke, who has grown to a monstrous size. They play for hours and I can’t even handle it. Duke rolls onto his back and lets […]

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