Chalk Painted Dresser: Before and After

by Jacey on September 18, 2014

Turns out I’m really good at taking photos of projects while I’m working on them, and really terrible about doing anything after that. I think I painted this dresser in May or something. And now it’s the middle of September. Blame it on the globe trotting.

This is the dresser that is now hanging out in my kitchen as seen in our Backdoor Makeover. She’s kind of an attention whore with her fancy new colour. The island used to be the conversation piece but the dresser is the younger, hipper sister. Jury is still out on how the island feels about it.


I feel like I have no idea what happens to me on weekends. There’s just not enough time for socializing AND working on projects. So when I got a day off in the middle of the week to wait for our new mattress I was really loving my life. That’s prime time for projects. I carried the dresser outside and went to it. You know how people say something has good bones? This dresser is the definition of good bones.

The beauty of this Annie Sloan Chalk paint is that it literally takes no time to dry. By the time I finished the first coat, I could start on the second coat.

The waxing was a different story. It felt like it took me 8 years to do it. Think I still may be working on grasping the whole concept. Wax, harden, buff, repeat? I can’t be sure.

Either way. I’m happy to have a place to throw my keys and a mirror for once-overs before I leave the house completely disheveled. Check mate.

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Hollis September 22, 2014 at 5:52 pm

Lovvvvve this dresser. What a beaut.


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