Christmas is Coming!

by Jacey on December 14, 2016


1. Only 11 days until Christmas. That is truly frightening. I have not bought a single gift. Whoopsy.

2. Secord gifted her bridesmaids these Letterfolk Boards. I could spend hourssssssss changing up what I have on here. And then another couple hours making sure it is perfectly aligned. My new favourite toy.

3. Now that our tree is in, I’ve been spending every waking minute next to it watching Christmas movies. “Love Actually” on repeat. But actually.

4. How obsessed with “Love Actually” am I? The score is my ringtone. You know when the kid is running through the airport, and Colin Firth is marching down the street to make his proposal? That score. All the feeellllls. I never want to answer my phone. It’s also been that way for a year, because I never changed it after last Christmas. I was getting heart palpitations on the reg just from hearing my ringtone. If I’m ever in a coma I’m pretty sure that score could bring me back.

5. As someone who loves a good Christmas movie, I’m surprised I have never really fallen that hard for “Elf”. Can’t put my finger on why. I somehow feel ashamed by this?

6. Now is the time of year when I regularly bathe in lip chap. My lips hurt real bad. So dry. I really need to work on my lip chap distribution network though. I have about 11 tubes in my coat pocket, and 0 next to my bed. I woke up two nights ago in a pure panic with bleeding lips. I mean, they may not have literally been bleeding – but it felt like it.

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