Halifax Hoodie Sweater Dress

by Jacey on January 25, 2017

halifax hoodie dress-9

You guys. I made this. One of the things that I wanted to try this year was to start posting some of the items that I have been sewing. Which requires taking photos. Of myself. Ohhhhhh the torture.

Taking photos is the basically the whole reason I have been putting this off. I’ve been pretty hard into sewing for about a year now. I have been nerding out hard. I follow a ridiculous amount of sewing Instagram accounts and blogs. Like, I’m basically a sewing stalker. Complete creep.

halifax hoodie dress-2

Stalker like tendencies aside, this is my latest make. It is a sweater dress that I tried out after seeing one in a store online. This was intended to be a wearable muslin as I was a bit worried it wouldn’t work out. In the end though, it is very wearable and I have plans to make another in black or heathered grey.

halifax hoodie dress-4

I used the Hey June Halifax Hoodie pattern as the base for the sweater dress. I added some length to the bottom, maybe about 12 inches, and a little width to the sides to accommodate my larger-than-average athletic thighs and butt. My parents completely spoiled me at Christmas with a Janome Coverpro 2000 CPX so I used that around the hood, and to attach the binding around the hood/neck area. (P.S. This machine is a beast. I now want to sew all the hems, all the time.) I also lined my hood because the wrong side of my fabric is a really vibrant red that I didn’t want to draw attention to.

halifax hoodie dress

I used grommets for the hoodie drawstring to make it look as professional as possible and I am pretty happy with how they turned out, as it was my first time inserting them. I also doubled up twill tape and stitched down both sides to make a more substantial looking drawstring. If anyone has any leads on thick twill tape or sources for hoodie strings like this, hook a sister up.

halifax hoodie dress-10

I was a bit unsure at first if this would get a lot of wear but I’m basically obsessed with it. It’s perfect over tights for cold Canadian winters, and I think in the summer it could be cute with a pair of Keds or cute white sneakers. Version number 2 could be hot off the machine sooner than later.

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