Navy Flannel Archer Button Up

by Jacey on April 17, 2017

grainline archer navy flannel-5

Lest you think all I wear is crop tops and dresses, I present you with something that I would actually wear on an everyday basis. I’m all about the comfort factor. Jeans and some version of a t-shirt is what I liveeeee in people. Most days consist of going to the gym, going to my very casual desk job, errand running, and then heading home. So for everyday life, comfort > high fashion.

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This Grainline Archer is the first button-up shirt I have tackled and it came with a bit of a learning curve. Thank god for well written directions and online tutorials. This involved learning a lot of new techniques for me: yoke construction, collars, button bands and cuffs were all firsts.

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Going into sewing this I was pretty nervous. I hadn’t sewn with wovens in a while, and I hadn’t sewn anything this involved maybe, ever. The only error that I really made was in attaching my collar with the underside out by accident. The whole sewing right-side to right-side part of my brain didn’t factor in the fact that the collar is actually worn turned down. Whoopsy. I’m not losing any sleep over it.

grainline archer navy flannel

I think the thing that saved this from becoming really overwhelming was that I really focused on just taking it one step at a time. I know that is annoyingly obvious, but focusing  on only the task at hand and re-reading instructions was extremely helpful. The other thing that I found was that when I reached a point in the instructions that made no sense to me, I set it aside for a day or two and came back to it later. But for real – a little sleep, and some food in your stomach can do wonders for reading comprehension. More often than not, this helped me to figure out what I had missed the first time around.

grainline archer navy flannel-2

I really like this shirt. I often find it difficult to find button up shirts that fit my bust and athletic shoulders without being wayyyyy too wide around my waist. I’m dreaming about a drapey lightweight tencel denim version, and when I get brave enough, a silk version. Next time I will probably add an in inch or two to the length of this and maybe an inch to the sleeves as well. I might also need to widen this at the shoulders, but I’m still learning about fit so I’m not really sure. Any suggestions?

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