Christmas is Coming!

by Jacey on December 14, 2016


1. Only 11 days until Christmas. That is truly frightening. I have not bought a single gift. Whoopsy.

2. Secord gifted her bridesmaids these Letterfolk Boards. I could spend hourssssssss changing up what I have on here. And then another couple hours making sure it is perfectly aligned. My new favourite toy.

3. Now that our tree is in, I’ve been spending every waking minute next to it watching Christmas movies. “Love Actually” on repeat. But actually.
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Posts About Nothing – Vol. 37

by Jacey on August 5, 2016


1. I’m going to blow past the whole “I fell off the face of the Earth for 2 months thing”. It’s summmaaaa.

2. Because I am 100 years old, slash I go to the gym in the mornings, I can’t stay up to watch “The Bachelorette” on the night of. Also, who can really handle all those commercials in real time anyways. Spent the whole day Tuesday hiding from the internet and social media so that I wouldn’t have it spoiled for me. Gav said they were even talking about it on sports radio. Nowhere is safe!

3. I don’t know why, but I have never really watched “Bachelor in Paradise”. Watched the first episode on Tuesday night and oh my god. It is the best/worst thing my eyes have ever seen. I know I am killing brain cells watching it, but it is like the car accident you can’t help but ogle.

4. I have Olympic feveerrrrrr. Can’t wait to watch my favourite rugby ladies play tomorrow in the sport of rugby’s Olympic debut. Also cannot wait for all the commercials that will inevitable make me cry.

5. My favourite Olympics ever was the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. Secord was suffering from mono and couldn’t get off the couch and I was suffering from a different kind of disease called deadbeatness, so we spent the most glorious two weeks doing nothing but watching the Olympics. What I wouldn’t give to go back to that. Note to self – plan a mat-leave around a future Olympics.




Buying Rugs and Feeling All Adult-Like

by Jacey on May 18, 2016

overdyed teal rug

So I bought a rug. A real rug. And I love it. I’ve been pining for a rug for a while now. Our living room is basically a really long rectangle, so I thought a rug would help to define the area better. I was correct. Gavin even referred to is as making the room feel more “intimate”. You can’t make that shit up. I know “intimate” is realtor language for small, but when your living room is the length of a basketball court, intimate is a good thing.
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Posts About Nothing – Vol. 36

by Jacey on April 7, 2016

easter egg hunt 2

easter egg hunt
1. These little bunnies did a good job during the Easter Egg Hunt of 2016. Can’t be sure who was more excited, the girls or their “crouching tiger, hidden iPhone” mothers.

2. Why do I love Pharell so much? Whenever I watch The Voice I fall in love with him. He seems like the nicest person on Earth.
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Posts About Nothing – Vol. 35

by Jacey on March 16, 2016

pint of beer

Happy (almost) St.Patrick’s day. Probably going to enjoy a bevie or two – sans the green dye though.

You know when you don’t realize that a certain way you do or say something is weird until someone points it out? Yah that happened to Gavin and I. He was out with his friends and I called to see how much longer it would be before he was home and he said he’d be “home in a half pint”. His friends thought it was strange and funny that he used an amount of beer in lieu of an amount of time. I guess it is kind of weird, but it only takes a bit of quick math to figure it out – 15-20 to finish the beer, 5 minutes to actually get out the door, 15 minutes home. #nailedit
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Posts About Nothing – Vol. 34

by Jacey on February 29, 2016

leather elisalex dress

1. I’m back into sewing  over here and I think I’ve gone off the deep end. I sewed a “faux” leather dress. Am I crazy? Quite possibly. This is either going to be the best or worst thing ever.

2. I’ve been debating whether or not I should share some of my recent makes here or not but that would involve putting an actual picture of myself up here. Thoughts?
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Posts About Nothing – Vol. 33

by Jacey on February 2, 2016

20160122-039-5620160122-039-61 20160122-039-84 20160122-039-97 20160122-039-1151. Is there anything cuter than a baby in the sink? Only two babies in a sink. Can I still call them babies even when they are walking and almost talking? Because I’m not emotionally ready to call them toddlers yet.

2.  This post is photo heavy. #sorrynotsorry

3.  This warm-ish weather has me all disoriented. But actually – what month is it?

4. Did I tell you Gavin and I were binge watching “The Killing” on Netflix? I really liked it in a – “this is so amazing but completely infuriating at the same time” – kind of way. You know how in “Criminal Minds” usually a bunch of people get killed, but they manage to save the last person at the very end? Yah, that does not happen in this show. Gavin essentially spent every episode yelling at the characters, and I spent every episode yelling at him not to yell at the characters. We barely escaped the series with our marriage.

5. We are about 5 episodes into Homeland. I can’t tell if I am going to love it or hate it. So far I feel like Carrie is going to be one of those main characters that you kind of hate? Thoughts?

6. Gavin is talking about tackling some kind of home project next winter in hopes of preventing us from becoming the world’s biggest Netflix-binging slobs. I think he may have  a point.



Posts About Nothing – Vol.32

by Jacey on January 14, 2016

fresh bread

1. Well, I fell off the face of the planet there. What can I say. Christmas is my favouriteeee. Here is a short synopsis of my holiday:

  • binge eating
  • baby cuddling
  • reading (and by reading I mean catching up on “The Best and Worst of 2015” according to popular media sources )
  • moderate alcohol consumption
  • hanging out with family,
  • being a recluse

Yup, that about sums it up.

2. I’ve reverted back to using the metal snap hair clips of my youth.What are they even called? Do they have a name? All I know is that they keep my hair up about a billion times better. Unfortunately they are equally as hard on my vaccuum when I leave them lying all over the place as I am want to do. Mom, I’m sorry I didn’t take your cursing about bobby pins and various hair accessories more seriously. You were right. They literally ARE everywhere.

3. Why is fresh baked bread that melts butter the best thing on this planet. I made a loaf on the weekend and Gavin and I ate the ENTIRE thing in one day. Carbs. Why are you so delicious?

4. T.V. shows are coming back and I am luhhhhhving it. Prank Sinatra- you kill me with your ridiculous pranks.

5. So, who’s watched “Making a Murderer”? I started watching it and then it kind of blew up all over social media, anddddd I haven’t finished it. I have 3 more episodes but I’ve already read a whole bunch of articles so I don’t know if I want to dedicate the time to it. Does this make me the laziest TV watcher of all time?

6. There is Powerball madness going on right now. If I won two billion dollars, I’d do really responsible things with it like hire a hairstylist to do my hair everyday.

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Posts About Nothing – Vol. 31

by Jacey on December 7, 2015

christmas displays
1. Christmas lights up – check. Christmas tree up – check. Hot chocolate every damn day – double check. Those leftover wedding mallows are blowing my damn mind.

2. I’m looking to get into a vest this winter. Are they coming back into fashion or am I losing my mind. My fashion radar is on the fritzz. Someone haallllp me.

3. So what’s keeping me from jumping into vest territory? Every one I think I might like is either made for a toddler or $400. I can’t spend that kind of money when I am just testing the waters!
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Posts About Nothing – Vol. 30

by Jacey on November 8, 2015

potato harvest 1.This is my beautiful mother during harvest season. Working hard.

2. What’s the deal with social media companies? What needs to happen is you all need to get your shit together and decide on some common terminology and functionality for your apps. This rant is brought to you by 3 years of double tapping photos in Facebook and ending up zoomed up someone’s armpit. I cannot be the only person this happens to.

3. It’s a week into November and I haven’t put a single Christmas decoration up yet. Do I deserve a pat on the back or what?

4. Waiting for stuff you bought online is like the adult version of Christmas. The difference is that instead of excitingly counting down the days by enjoying chocolate every morning at breakfast, you refresh your tracking number and curse about how your package hasn’t moved from Philly in 2 effing days.

5. You guys, I have managed to kick a pretty serious habit. I haven’t bitten my nails in almost 3 months. I have never had nails. Ever. Cue the lusting after designer nail polish on Sephora. It’s so prettyyyyy.

6. Darkness at 5:30 makes me so lazyyyyyyyyyy.