Posts About Nothing – Vol.32

by Jacey on January 14, 2016

fresh bread

1. Well, I fell off the face of the planet there. What can I say. Christmas is my favouriteeee. Here is a short synopsis of my holiday:

  • binge eating
  • baby cuddling
  • reading (and by reading I mean catching up on “The Best and Worst of 2015” according to popular media sources )
  • moderate alcohol consumption
  • hanging out with family,
  • being a recluse

Yup, that about sums it up.

2. I’ve reverted back to using the metal snap hair clips of my youth.What are they even called? Do they have a name? All I know is that they keep my hair up about a billion times better. Unfortunately they are equally as hard on my vaccuum when I leave them lying all over the place as I am want to do. Mom, I’m sorry I didn’t take your cursing about bobby pins and various hair accessories more seriously. You were right. They literally ARE everywhere.

3. Why is fresh baked bread that melts butter the best thing on this planet. I made a loaf on the weekend and Gavin and I ate the ENTIRE thing in one day. Carbs. Why are you so delicious?

4. T.V. shows are coming back and I am luhhhhhving it. Prank Sinatra- you kill me with your ridiculous pranks.

5. So, who’s watched “Making a Murderer”? I started watching it and then it kind of blew up all over social media, anddddd I haven’t finished it. I have 3 more episodes but I’ve already read a whole bunch of articles so I don’t know if I want to dedicate the time to it. Does this make me the laziest TV watcher of all time?

6. There is Powerball madness going on right now. If I won two billion dollars, I’d do really responsible things with it like hire a hairstylist to do my hair everyday.

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Hollis February 5, 2016 at 8:59 am

Hiring a hairstylist to do your hair daily after winning billions is not only practical. It’s genius. Slow clap. I’ll do the same.


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