Posts About Nothing – Vol. 33

by Jacey on February 2, 2016

20160122-039-5620160122-039-61 20160122-039-84 20160122-039-97 20160122-039-1151. Is there anything cuter than a baby in the sink? Only two babies in a sink. Can I still call them babies even when they are walking and almost talking? Because I’m not emotionally ready to call them toddlers yet.

2.  This post is photo heavy. #sorrynotsorry

3.  This warm-ish weather has me all disoriented. But actually – what month is it?

4. Did I tell you Gavin and I were binge watching “The Killing” on Netflix? I really liked it in a – “this is so amazing but completely infuriating at the same time” – kind of way. You know how in “Criminal Minds” usually a bunch of people get killed, but they manage to save the last person at the very end? Yah, that does not happen in this show. Gavin essentially spent every episode yelling at the characters, and I spent every episode yelling at him not to yell at the characters. We barely escaped the series with our marriage.

5. We are about 5 episodes into Homeland. I can’t tell if I am going to love it or hate it. So far I feel like Carrie is going to be one of those main characters that you kind of hate? Thoughts?

6. Gavin is talking about tackling some kind of home project next winter in hopes of preventing us from becoming the world’s biggest Netflix-binging slobs. I think he may have  a point.


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Hollis February 5, 2016 at 9:02 am

I can’t watch that “killing” show. Sounds much too frightening for me. Can’t handle it. I think finding a good balance between Netflix bingers and home renovators is a wonderfully inspiring goal. I should try that.


Mackenzie February 7, 2016 at 4:56 pm

Oh god! Jake had started the killing and I caught the tail end of it. It was insaaaane. Way to scary and so infuriating! And yes we hate Carrie. She’s so dramatic! love the babies post!!! Xoxo


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