Posts About Nothing – Vol. 35

by Jacey on March 16, 2016

pint of beer

Happy (almost) St.Patrick’s day. Probably going to enjoy a bevie or two – sans the green dye though.

You know when you don’t realize that a certain way you do or say something is weird until someone points it out? Yah that happened to Gavin and I. He was out with his friends and I called to see how much longer it would be before he was home and he said he’d be “home in a half pint”. His friends thought it was strange and funny that he used an amount of beer in lieu of an amount of time. I guess it is kind of weird, but it only takes a bit of quick math to figure it out – 15-20 to finish the beer, 5 minutes to actually get out the door, 15 minutes home. #nailedit

Does anyone else have items that they can never seem to find in the grocery store? Tahini has been plaguing me for years. I want to make some homemade hummus but the tahini continues to elude me. Where do they keep this?! Someone put me out of my misery.

Feelings on The Bachelor? Going into the finale I thought for sure it would be Lauren. But then when he was all honest with Jojo it confused me and I thought maybe he was going to choose her? I can see how she might have been a wee bit blindsided.

Why are flares coming back in fashion. I don’t know if I can get on board with this. All I can thing about is the pair I owned in the 8th grade with orange embroidery and tiny mirrors on the bottom. That happened.

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