Posts About Nothing – Vol. 36

by Jacey on April 7, 2016

easter egg hunt 2

easter egg hunt
1. These little bunnies did a good job during the Easter Egg Hunt of 2016. Can’t be sure who was more excited, the girls or their “crouching tiger, hidden iPhone” mothers.

2. Why do I love Pharell so much? Whenever I watch The Voice I fall in love with him. He seems like the nicest person on Earth.

3. I’ve fallen down a deep dark hole that is called the “land of online fabric shopping”. I want everything. Just bought a few yards of a delicious looking French Terry and some Merino Wool jersey straight out of New Zealand. I have a problem. Minutes spent sourcing and buying fabric online this week: 209 minutes. Minutes spent actually sewing: 4.

4. Today feels like one of those days that is just going to be a grinddddddd. Why is it only Thursday. Why do I have no energy. Why am I not in my bed.

5. I’ve been dreaming big on the travel front lately. As in putting together serious AirBnb wish lists. As in I am dreaming about going to Oktoberfest. And Hawaii. And Las Vegas.

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