Posts About Nothing – Volume 38

by Jacey on December 12, 2017

christmas tree-2Here’s a real mixed bag of things that have been going on over here.

1. I’m sure you haven’t even noticed, but I’m here to remind you that it is THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR. We got our Christmas tree last week and my life is now complete. Still working on getting the dog to sit still long enough for a photo. It’s a work in progress.

2. I spent all last weekend sewing Christmas gifts and watching truly horrendous made-for-tv Christmas movies while inhaling the fresh scent of spruce. I’ve never been happier.

3. A while back I made a delicious homemade pasta sauce, and my husband proceeded to completely bastardize it by adding chopped up pepperoni and pre-shredded cheddar cheese by the handful. Am I secretly married to a 17 year old boy?

4. I have a robotic vacuum cleaner which I love. (Cheers to cleaning AND crafting/working out/cooking at the same time.) But lately I have been losing her AT LEAST twice a week. For days on end. Should I also mention that she has a homing device and that I live in a bungalow? If I can’t keep track of a vacuum cleaner, can I even be trusted with other things, like hypothetical future children? Hide yo’ wives, hide yo kids.

hot air balloons5. Gavin and I went to Turkey late this fall and it was literally everything I ever wanted. The people were so friendly – several people stopped us to make sure that we didn’t need any help with directions or translations, and one man chased us through a market to return money we accidentally dropped. The food was to. die. for. – Gavin said it was the first time he wasn’t itching to get back to “normal” eating habits. And there was so much to see and do! There have been so many civilizations that have lived in this part of the world that it was incredible to see all the old architecture and be able to explore a country that is so different from where I have been in the past. One of the highlights for me was going up in a hot air balloon at sunrise in Cappadocia as pictured above. Seriously stunning.

4. My purchasing habits are so weird. I am more than willing to spend my money on certain items, and completely not on others. Shoes? No problem. Clothes. Why not. Exorbitantly expensive beverages? I’ll take three. So why do I refuse to buy a second container of moisturizer so I don’t have to schlep it to and from the gym? So. Illogical.

5. Sometimes I get low level anxiety about all the possessions I own. Like, when I look around and wonder how I acquired so much shit, and it kind of makes me panic. So in September I started to Marie-Kondo my life. I was super successful and it’s basically all I did for two weeks of my life but then I got to the hard stuff (athletic memorabilia, photos, notes) and I hit a road block. Why do I attach my feelings to objects? Will report back when I finally finish.

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Darcy December 12, 2017 at 12:47 pm

I am low key obsessed with you and am also dating a 17 yr old lol


Jacey December 12, 2017 at 12:58 pm

Their eating habits are truly frightening.


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