Posts About Nothing – Vol. 30

by Jacey on November 8, 2015

potato harvest 1.This is my beautiful mother during harvest season. Working hard.

2. What’s the deal with social media companies? What needs to happen is you all need to get your shit together and decide on some common terminology and functionality for your apps. This rant is brought to you by 3 years of double tapping photos in Facebook and ending up zoomed up someone’s armpit. I cannot be the only person this happens to.

3. It’s a week into November and I haven’t put a single Christmas decoration up yet. Do I deserve a pat on the back or what?

4. Waiting for stuff you bought online is like the adult version of Christmas. The difference is that instead of excitingly counting down the days by enjoying chocolate every morning at breakfast, you refresh your tracking number and curse about how your package hasn’t moved from Philly in 2 effing days.

5. You guys, I have managed to kick a pretty serious habit. I haven’t bitten my nails in almost 3 months. I have never had nails. Ever. Cue the lusting after designer nail polish on Sephora. It’s so prettyyyyy.

6. Darkness at 5:30 makes me so lazyyyyyyyyyy.

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