DIY Quote Garland for the Wall

by Jacey on October 8, 2014

My parents gifted my siblings and I with a Silhouette Cameo machine a couple of years ago for Christmas. It’s basically a high-tech crafty, cutting system. You use their program on your computer to design what you want to cut, and then stick vinyl, paper, fabric etc., onto your little cutting mat and send it through the machine.

I’m ashamed to say it took us the better part of a year to really discover it’s potential. I had tried it at one point and must have inserted the cutting mat improperly because it cut right into the mat instead of the paper. I was like, “Wow, this thing is really loud. Oh shit, that’s because its cutting the plastic mat.”

Ooopsy. I promptly put it back in the box because I was terrified. The following Christmas we pulled it out and got seriously crafty with it. We called it The Christmas of the Silhouette. The year before was the Michael Kors Christmas. Sometimes gift themes happen by accident. We just and go with it.

Anyways, with a wedding approaching next summer, I’ve seen so much “pinspiration” of the craft variety that my eyes may actually start bleeding. I know that this machine is capable of big and wonderful things, I just need to figure out what I want to make! Usually making snap decisions is my jam. Not so much on the wedding front. I know, it surprised me too. The problem is actually inspiration overload. TOO many options. I don’t even know where to start. So, in order to get back in my silhouetting groove, I did a home decor project instead.

I thought, “Oh wouldn’t it be so pretty to cut out a cute phase from some nice paper and hang it somewhere? It will be so easy with my silhouette machine! (etc. etc.)” Well this little asshole is what I was making when glue-maggedon happened. The Silhouette did it’s job beautifully, and all I had to do was glue it to some string to hang on the wall. Glue everywhere. Those gluey strands are real bastards. They get everywhere. Maybe I just got a shitty glue gun, but it continuously leaked hot glue, even when it was just sitting there. Seriously. There’s a special place in hell for glue guns.

Many burned fingers, and glue in my hair later, I did finish and hang it. I’m happy with how it looks but will definitely be taking a different approach to the application next time. No more glue gunning for me. EVER!

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