Rhubarb Curd Donuts (Doughtnuts?)

by Jacey on July 2, 2014

rhubarb curd donuts 4

I really like donuts. Like, really like them. I’m not that into pies, or cake, or a lot of desserts that people just die for. But donuts? Donuts are my jam. If I want a treat, I get myself a “Sprinkley donut” from Tim Hortons. Like I am 5 years old. And in my head (and occasionally at the drive thru) I refer to them as “Sprinkley Donuts” instead of Vanilla Dip. Because I’m not a self respecting adult like I should be. Someone who was actively trying to act their age might pick a more respectable donut, like a Sour Cream Glazed, or Apple Fritter (shudder), or even a Boston Cream. Not this girl. It’s the Sprinkley or nothing.

rhubarb curd

And can I just say, that I know you like to switch things up or go all seasonal or whatever and have the colour of the sprinkles match the holiday, but brown sprinkles? Don’t, just don’t. A Sprinkley donut without the multicolour bead type sprinkles isn’t even worth my time.

rhubarb curd 2

So given my love for baking, donuts, and all things rhubarb, it was really only a matter of time before I started buying vegetable oil in bulk and hunkering down in my kitchen to eat myself sick. While I was on my rhubarb kick a while back I whipped up some rhubarb curd from a recipe I found online somewhere. For starters, whoever invented curd is a genius. So delicious. And the saint who decided they should try substituting rhubarb for the lemon? Well I don’t even have words for that level of genius.

rhubarb curd 3

The next step was trying out a donut recipe. I wanted a yeast donut. None of that cakey-donut business. If I wanted cake, I would eat cake. So I settled on this donut recipe from A Beautiful Mess.

rhubarb curd donut

The dough was super easy to make. Once they had risen I sacrificed some of the uglier looking ones for testing the oil temperature and cooking times. I had a hard time getting them fully cooked on the inside without the outside browning too much.

rhubarb curd donuts 2

Once I figured out the cooking time I started the donut making factory up full swing.

I was running around like crazy, trying to keep my oil at the right temperature and operating my timer etc.  Hollis was hanging out in the kitchen with me, joking about how the kitchen smelled like a carnival. (Which, it totally did. It smelled like a funnel cake truck. All the oily, doughy goodness.) And Secord was swooping around, waiting for the finished product.

rhubarb curd donuts 3

If I thought that the hard part was behind me when I finished the frying then I clearly had no idea what games the curd had in store for me. My curd didn’t turn out quite viscous enough. As a result, filling the donuts was a wee bit of a nightmare. A delicious nightmare though. “Some curd for the donut, some curd for the counter, some curd for the donut, some curd for Jacey.”  Thankfully there’s no photographic evidence of me covered in icing sugar, licking rhubarb curd from my hands, and arms, and elbows. But it may or may not have happened.

rhubarb curd donuts 5

The whole making donuts thing didn’t go quite as smoothly as I imagined, but seriously, they were the most delicious things EVER. The donuts tasted so soft and warm, the curd was so good and the combination of the two made my head want to pop off. Fairly certain I ate about 4 donuts before I even stopped to breathe. Thank god I only made a 1x batch. Safe to say I will be revisiting the donut making train, but now I will know what I am getting myself into.

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