Tencel Denim Hudson Pants

by Jacey on May 27, 2017

Tencel Hudson Pants

Say hello to the newest addition to my closet – my Tencel denim Hudson Pants. My husband thinks they will be great “cottage pants”. I think that means he thinks I won’t be wearing these in public. Too bad I will literally be wearing them everywhere.

Tencel Hudson Pants-7
So why do I love these pants so much? Let me count the ways.

1. Elastic waist. It’s perfect for summer because, hello – ice cream.

2. The Tencel fabric. It’s lightweight and a bit drapey, making them a nice summer pant to throw on for cool days or evenings.

3. They provide a nice alternative to jeans. I don’t have any bottoms that aren’t jeans or athletic leisure wear, and sometimes you want a little of A, and a little of B, you know?

Tencel Hudson Pants-2

I wore these out to dinner this week for the first time and had a fun time figuring out how to style them. A white tank top and leather jacket really dressed them up. The large plate of ribs that I downed was also no problem for the elastic waist on these either so, #winning

Tencel Hudson Pants-6

I sewed these up as per the instructions on the True Bias blog about making the hudson pants in a woven. I went up two sized and made the front pockets larger to account for the lack of stretch in the fabric. I added patch pockets to the back which I traced off a pair of my jeans. Lastly, after looking at them most of the way sewn up, I decided to slightly bleach the fabric to lighten it which was a fun experiment.

Tencel Hudson Pants-3

This is definitely something I’d make again. Next time I would make the pockets on the back a bit larger and probably add another 1/2 inch to the legs seams because- squats. The Tencel twill from Blackbird fabrics is seriously calling my name for my next pair so maybe you will be seeing more of these sometime soon.

Tencel Hudson Pants-5

Also- my horse of a dog really likes to make sure I am not too lonely when taking photos.

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