Posts About Nothing, Brought to You by Monday – Vol. 5

by Jacey on September 30, 2014

1. This is our beautiful treed driveway that goes down to our pond. They are all ash trees and they are all going to die from Emerald Ash Borer. Most of them by next summer. It makes me so sad.

2. Last week was an interesting week. Not quite sure what happened but I had a couple of off days. Basically just angry and grumpy, mostly about “first world problems” like the scanner at work not working, ya know? Just being a miserable bitch. Marinating in my own misery. And while I was marinating in my own misery, I read this Buzzfeed post about Things That Will Irritate You More Than They Should. Confusingly, it actually made me feel better. A little arghhghghg, but a little better. What up with that.

3. So after I started to turn my day around by looking at really really irritating things, I then watched something that was oh my god, so adorable. Some genius had the idea to use a go pro to video tape puppies running.Those limbs. Those ears. They go everywhere!

4. And just because I got out of control and couldn’t help but watch the follow up…. here’s puppies running in slo-mo. I died.

5. After watching this I spent about 3 hours with Duke on the weekend making him jump down our patio steps for my own entertainment. So adorable. By the end he was all “WTF mom. I’m over this” and laid in the shade.

6. “New Girl” last week? Oh my god. I died. DIED! So hilarious. Jess is just really nailing it these days. And also because I like to use the word pervert- mostly out of context, and as much as possible without weirding people out.

7. Also caught the season premier of “Scandal”, and gave “How to Get Away With Murder” a shot. I’m intrigued enough to watch epi two and see where this goes.

8. You guys. If you haven’t read this, then you do not know what you are missing. Seriously. Read it and then tell me you didn’t read all of it in the appropriate voices in your head. Just Baz Luhrmann and Phil Dunphy, and The Voice intro kickin’ it in your head. Also. Stalker vs. Stocker?! I remember dying for days with Hollis laughing at the poor soul who put that on their resume. Where are you now you little Dollarama, customer stalking, pervert you. Not peeping in windows we hope.

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