White Quilted Inari Crop Top

by Jacey on March 9, 2017

inari crop top-3I’ve been thinking a lot about fashion and trends since I got heavy into the sewing. In the last five years or so, I have put a lot more of my creative energy into my house and decorating, and less into my clothing. Perhaps as a result, I’m finding it is taking me longer to get on board with fashion trends because I wasn’t paying as much attention to them. I see these looks on other people and often think they look great, but feel like it may just be a look that doesn’t work for me. And there are certainly lots of looks out there that I don’t feel are very “me” or something that doesn’t fit into my life-style. (I’m looking at you ruffle and bell sleeved tops.) But there are others that take me some time to warm up to, and then I end up loving them and questioning why it took me so long to get on board.

inari crop top-4Case in point. I have been seeing women wearing high waisted jeans and crop tops for years now and have been dismissing it as a look that I can’t pull off. But then I tried on a pair a month or so ago and kind of fell in love with them. They didn’t flatten my ass, or give me the dreaded “front butt”, and that lead me to question everything I have ever believed in, right there in the Aritzia dressing room. Naturally they were designer jeans and cost an amount of money I will take to my grave, but I’ve come to terms with the price because I loveeeee them. Maybe there are high waisted Ginger Jeans in my future?

inari crop top-6Now since I have been avoiding the high waisted look like someone on Weight Watchers avoids a bake sale, I felt like I had no tops that really went with the look. Enter the Inari Crop Tee. I made this crop top with a white quilted knit fabric that I have in my stash. It’s probably not the first or last time you will see it as I may or may not have bought 3 meters of it. It has some stretch, but it does not have a ton of drape to it.

Inari Crop TopBecause of the fabric’s lack of drape, the top ended up fairly boxy. I think next time I might make it in something a little cozier, like a french terry or thicker jersey to add some drape. I will also add an inch or so to the length to make it graze the top of high waisted pants a bit more. A cozy, casual, crop top? I think I could get on board with that people.

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