You’re Doing it Wrong: Hanging Art in the Bathroom

by Jacey on November 12, 2014

You’re doing it wrong because you probably aren’t doing it at all. And I’m not just talking hanging art in the bathroom. What is it about hanging things that is so daunting you want to throw yourself on the floor and weep. There’s nothing that can make you feel quite so inadequate as dreaming about all the things you hope to one day hang, and feeling like you may never get around to it. Just me?

Hanging things turns me into someone I’m not: an over thinker. Usually I pride myself on my ability to make snap decisions; “Yes I will take those two throw pillows that I may or may not need, and throw in that new lamp while you are at it”. Or, “Yah, go ahead, cut my hair off. Do what you think is best.” I don’t usually ponder things to long. I like taking action, doing, finishing. Apparently wedding decisions and deciding where to hang things are my kryptonite. I had the same decision making issues before I finally got around to hanging my giant cork board for displaying pictures.

The truth is, if you hang it up and you don’t like it, you take it down, you fill in the holes, and you touch up the paint. Or, if you are feeling like a lazy ass, you take it down and ignore the holes until you decide to repaint the room because “                        isn’t really your colour anymore.” No one’s going to judge you.

One of the problems with deciding where to hang things is that usually I’m in love with the pieces I do put up, and I want to find somewhere where they are going to look their best and be fully appreciated. This antique agricultural sign was given to me by my parents as a really wonderful housewarming gift, and it shamefully has been leaning against a wall since I moved in, as seen here.That’s ten month people. The irony is that in taking so long to decide where it should be hung to be fully appreciated it was completely ignored for ten months. But, I’ve finally taken action.

The truth is I’m not much of an art enthusiast, at least not in the traditional sense. There are paintings and photographs that I think are pretty, but that’s not usually motivation enough for me to want them on my walls. My mom actually enlightened me about this topic in the last couple years. Art, doesn’t necessarily have to come in it’s traditional forms such as paintings, photographs or sculptures. What I have really come to appreciate is vintage signage and ads. I love all the different fonts and colours and wording that is used in these pieces and I think they make a beautiful addition to the home. This sign was a perfect addition to my home as it accentuated my agricultural roots and highlighted my new home of Ottawa. Double whammy.

To hang the sign I used a french cleat purchased from Home Depot. French cleats are nice. They are pretty easy to install, they come with a built in level for easy hanging, and they give you the extra security that your object isn’t going to fall out of the wall. For around $10 they are pretty cheap peace of mind.

I am loving the signs new location. It might even brighten my day when I stumble out of the shower into the cold bathroom this winter. Might.

P.S. Who knew bathrooms were so tricky to photograph. Between the tiny awkward space with a door in the way and next-to-no natural light I considered giving up.

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Hollis November 13, 2014 at 6:12 pm

Is our fear of hanging things hereditary??!! The panic I feel when contemplating where to hang something is ridiculous and shouldn’t be so paralyzing but yet it is. Why this curse!? Haha. If you don’t like it you just take it down. No biggie. And yet hear we are. The sign looks superb and a sure fire way for everyone that visits you to see it! Love it. Love it.


Dana November 18, 2014 at 2:06 pm

Love it.

As a side note, cannot believe that you have lived in Ottawa for 10 months!


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